Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Shabby Chic DIY Ideas For Your Home!

I've tried these and now you can....

Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave, the steam will dissolve stuck on stains. Simply wipe off. Genius!!!!

How To Caulk A Perfectly Straight Line!

Flour, sugar, potatoes & onion organization!

Such a smart idea!! Measuring cups and spoons inside your cabinet door.

Binder Clips: A perfect unexpected use

This would be pretty cool to have with all of my makeup and brushes that I have.

 Things you need:
Coconut Oil
Mason jar
Essential Oils (optional)
Things to do:
1. Melt coconut oil. Or, if you can’t find coconut oil, use olive oil which is just as beneficial for your skin although it does have a stronger scent. The amount of oil to use depends on how big a batch you want to make.
2. Pour in enough sugar to make a paste.
3. If you like, you can enhance the treatment with an aromatherapy effect by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
4. Pour the skin treatment into a clean glass jar with a secure lid.

  For marking children heights. No Need to worry if you move.

 Buy super cheap cabinet doors and make these desks

 Paint a trash can, it can also be a laundry basket or toy bin. 

 I like the molding + dark wall + white frames

At the end of cupboards in kitchen? For mail, cookbooks, recipes, notes...

Good use of a dead corner - Play room

 A little nook made out of a closet. This is my FAVORITE IDEA!!

Moss Graffiti: Put in blender: one can of cheap beer (or 1 1/2 cups buttermilk), a few handfuls of moss, one teaspoon of sugar. Paint on wall and mist daily until it grows.

 Bookshelf made out of antique apple crates. LOVE!

 Clever concrete block bench for only $30.

Nice way to organize bath time if you have more than 1 child.

You got to try this..Use sugar starch and form doilies around a balloon. Dry, prick the ballon and remove. Gorgeous!

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